Relevant Policies and Training Resources

In this section, you can find both relevant policies and resources for training created recently.

Guidance for Online Teaching and Learning Delivery using Moodle (May start Semester, 2019-20)

This document is intended for academic staff who will be delivering their modules online in the Semester starting 18th May 2020. It outlines principles for designing online learning, along with links to help and support are available to module and course teams. 

Online learning requires a systematic approach to learning design, the intended student-learning journey needs to be carefully planned and mapped.  The learning design needs to be activity-led and emphasise learning as a social process.

Guidance for Online Teaching and Learning Delivery, April 2020

Training Resources

Remote Teaching Top Tips and Checklists

This contains useful pointers to consider when transitioning to online delivery, a broad overview of the key considerations of teaching online, and provides a space for you to share your top tips with colleagues. 

Remote Teaching

This page describes the resources available to staff needing to teach remotely with a focus on tools that can be used by academics to deliver lecture content and engage students in real time conversations remotely.

Remote Teaching and Assessment

Resources available to staff needing to teach remotely, alternatives to face-to-face assessment and online workshops to support you in remote teaching.