Learning through Inquiry

Central to an inquiry-based approach is that students undertake a task, generating and testing their own ideas. The learning process is as important as the product, and so ensuring support as students work on the task and that they have access to appropriate resources will be important.

Inquiry based projects can be designed to run over different time lengths – day through to several weeks.


Students will need a location to be working on the task, which may often be a group task.  This will need to provide a space to share and edit resources and allow or be supported by communication tools.  

Tools that support this learning process by providing space to share, debate, develop and refine ideas:

  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Wiki
  • Padlet


Resources required for the students to undertake the inquiry – could be provided by academic staff or sources that students generate.
These will need a location if generated resources or use made of repositories where students can locate resources.

Staff provide resources through tools such as:

  • VLE/Aula (own resources, links, etc)
  • Social bookmarks/ curated links
  • Media resources including self-created

Resource banks students can investigate:

  • Locate
  • OER
  • etc


Space for feedback to be provided to students, run Q&A sessions and for student to have discussions (as often group based).

  • VLE/Aula (feed and direct communication channel)
  • Social media
  • Support sessions – online – synchronous

Example 1

Example 2

Photo credit: Green Chameleon on Unsplash